Thursday, November 24, 2011

two heads are better than one

Often when we feel inspired we find ourselves at Sams pub with a pen and paper. Since this blog is not just to document stencils and other adventures, but also our words and songs, we thought we would share some of it with you.

Part 1 (Kanchie)
Do we breath?
Sometimes i feel the responsibility of breathing,
and other times i am merely breath, at the whim of the universes ancient lungs,
pushing and pulling me to where I am supposed to be.
Similarly, is love a choice?
or does it choose us?
Ive known both.
I suppose thats the beauty of the infinite.
There is no one answer.
Opposites can coexist, and they do.
In their opposition, they are complete.
Im constantly waiting for some realization,
a moment of Salvation.
But what if there is no "Aha" moment?
What if sometimes we are the breather, and sometimes the breath?
What if we are a series of realizations?
and in that series, in the wax and wane, is the unity of it all.
The trick is to remember that when you are on one side, there is always the other.
It will come, and when it does, it doesnt mean what you previously were, be it the lungs or the breath,
was any less right or wrong good or bad.
Part 2 (rosey)
And maybe those opposites dont really exist and instead complete each other,
like how white and black give birth to all the colours in the rainbow,
how shadows are born from light and vise-versa.
how when I am down you lift me up,
we are all different expressions of the infinite, constantly bleeding and healing,
leaving behind our traces and scars, Tattoos of time.
Forgetting to remember to forget and remember all over again.

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