Thursday, November 24, 2011


say one word and write about it

Older than time , dances becomes blue ,orange, red and any other colour you wish to see .
Frightens, so full of power ,flames grow and slowly warm your soul and makes you feel one with everything that has ever been known.
Reunites people, no matter where, what, or who,
fire stays the same
feeds bellys, forget your troubles around the fire, feel heat, lights the darkest freezing night, everything will be alright.
The sun is made of it, lovers feel like they are on fire, writers inspire themselves from flames.
no shame, no blame, just the impermanance of fire
which always comes to an end of ash and they next day begins again.

To be feared yet to be revered.
life giving, life taking, but always brings warmth. It gives light but if you ask too much it burns.
Like love it captures you, but its fleeting.
In one breath or moment, its extinguished.
once someone told me death is a life extinguished, without the possibility of life after death or an infinite place for your soul to dwell.
That word extinguish is as powerful as its counterpart fire.
I cannot comprehend a true end, an infinite darkness, but when i watch a flame die I can for a moment comprehend destruction, end, extinguishment without the possibility of a continuation.
IM not even sure what fires made of but its as brilliant as water and probably structurally similar.
Both create, both destroy.
And is fire really blue? or is that merely how my eyes receive it...and it dances! Like water it dances,
it stretches, it breathes.